Westover Vets

So to tell you a little bit about ourselves and the role: we are Westover Vets, a very well established practice that is situated in North Norfolk, a very lovely part of the world- but then I am slightly biased! At present we have 7 vets, who effectively make up a 6 full time equivalent veterinary team. We also have a second surgery 30 mins away on the coast that is a 3 vet practice and also contributes to our Out of Hours rota. Most of our vets work at both sites some of the time.

We pride ourself in the way we look after our team, our patients and our clients and our aim is the be the best first opinion practice in the region. We have a great wealth of experience (close to 150 years of vet experience at the last count!) and can offer a wide range of diagnostics and procedures in house- reducing the need for too many referrals elsewhere. We are also on the brink of a new build veterinary facility in the very near future that will further enhance our working environment and possibilities.

Having had a very well established very team for some time we took on 2 new graduate vets in 2017 and 1 more in 2018 as the practice grew who are all still with us! We spent a great deal of time developing a mentoring structure and providing the support across all areas of the role and it appears to have been a great success. Our priority when bringing new people into the practice is to try and choose the right candidates who work well in a team, but also to provide a secure and supportive environment to allow those individuals to develop their skills and confidence.

In order to do this we start initially with our new vets just shadowing other vets while they become used to the computer systems, where things are and day to day protocols. For the first month we endeavour to book only one consultation every 30 mins, this reduces to 20 mins the second month and then routine 15 min appointments from month 3 onwards, but with a greater number of breaks to allow time to catch up.

You would be assigned a clinical mentor and would not be involved in the out of hours rota for at least 2 months. When you do take part on the on call rota it is fully supported, so there will always be someone (sober) to call!! Surgical shifts will also always be alongside an experienced vet, so again, if you need any help it will always be there.

We work a 4 and a half day week, with a night on call every other week and currently a 1 in 8 weekend rota, but adding another vet will take this to 1 in 9. Vets get a day off in lieu following a weekend worked. The day to day shift pattern is a mixture of 8 or 8.30 starts and either 4pm, 5pm or 6.30pm finishes, so I'd like to think we're pretty generous when it comes to day length!

Following the mutual success of bringing in 2 young, aspiring vets last year we are keen to do the same at a time when we feel we can really do a good job of supporting a new addition to the team. If you are interested in coming for interview please apply to tobymorrell@westovervets.co.uk