Who we are

As a new graduate, the veterinary job market seems an intimidating place – how can you be sure to find a practice that provides the best environment to flourish in the profession? Equally, as an employer, a new graduate is a challenging prospect – they need support and mentoring in order to fully realize their potential. Grads to Vets, a new company set up in 2018, aims to help practices and new graduates directly address both of these issues. We are run in partnership with the British Veterinary Association (BVA), who share a lot of our core values and will be helping to develop the scheme over the coming years.


Dr. Lizzie Bewsey-Dyke MA VetMB MRCVS     - Managing Director

I have always wanted to be a vet and was excited when I got my university place at Cambridge in 2008. It was only whilst I was at University that I began to see glimpses of some of the challenges that the profession is currently facing. By the time I graduated from Cambridge University in 2014, I was actually rather worried about going into practice (a feeling that was shared by over 50% of our survey respondents in 2017). Thankfully my concern proved unjustified; completely by luck I found a lovely, supportive independent small animal practice (albeit with a 1:3 on call rota and a low salary) and I found that I really enjoy being a vet. The core idea of Grads to Vets is to take the luck out of the situation and give new graduates the guarantee of support but also a structured learning CPD programme, in order to enable them to embrace the opportunities offered by the veterinary sector.