The Support Network

Grads to Vets focuses on creating a comprehensive support network for each graduate to tackle the commonly reported feeling of isolation. We know that this is essential in order to develop confidence and thrive in practice. We hope that this network will continue to be a support for our graduates long after the scheme officially ends.


External Mentor

We will assign each new graduate a mentor. Our mentors are all recent graduates who are still working in clinical practice and so will be very well placed to empathise with the highs and lows of starting work as a vet.

Each mentor will have a maximum of 2 new graduates per year so that they are able to offer them as much time and support as they need.

In future years we hope that some of the new graduates who have been through our graduate scheme might wish to act as mentors for other new graduates.


In-house Clinical Coach

Each practice will be required to allocate an experienced vet in their practice to act as the Clinical Coach for the new graduate. They will be the new graduate’s first point of contact within the practice and will be expected to have regular, informal meetings to monitor progress and address any concerns that either the practice or the graduate might have. 

 The vet who volunteers to take the role of Clinical Coach will attend a day of CPD designed as a bespoke evidence-based course for Grads to Vets and run by an experienced and qualified coach trainer. The aim of this course is to give the coaches the skills needed to support their new graduates effectively. This can also be logged as CPD by the clinical coach.


Peer Group Support

Graduates will have the opportunity to meet other grads living locally at our regular evening CPD talks. These will cover a range of clinical and non-clinical topics and will often be run in conjunction with the BVA Young Vet Network, as part of our partnership.

As well as CPD, these meet-ups will be an ideal opportunity for the graduates to make new friends and socialise with other people going through similar experiences.